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Wheat Bran Heygates 500g / 900g / 1.8kg / 4.5kg with added Wheatgerm



Wheat Bran Heygates 500g / 900g / 1.8kg / 4.5kg with added Wheatgerm, ideal for Horses, Dogs, or as a substrate food for Mealworms

Heygates horse feeds are based on fresh bran products from Heygates' own flour mills and are fortified with the ideal balance of protein, vitamins, minerals and trace elements. When the Heygates flour millers make fine bran for the horse feeds they put the wheatgerm in as well so your Heygates horse feeds are full of natural wheatgerm goodness.

Wheat bran is an excellent way to encourage bowel movements and help a horse gain weight whilst encouraging a shiny coat.

Wheat bran Heygates is a by-product of the wheat milling process and is commonly used as a dietary supplement for horses. It is high in fiber, which makes it an excellent source of energy and can help support healthy digestion in horses.

Wheat bran is also rich in phosphorus, which is an essential mineral for bone growth and repair, as well as B vitamins, which are important for overall health and metabolism in horses.

In addition to being a nutrient-rich feed, wheat bran can also be used to help horses gain weight or maintain their weight during times of stress or illness.



Additional information

Weight5100 g
Dimensions44 × 34 × 15 cm

500g, 900g, 1.8kg, 4.5kg


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