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Dog Leads

Dog leads are a vital accesory for your dogs, and Wacky Pets has a wide selection to choose from. Our range includes everything from standard leads, dog harnesses, and even retractable leads!

The type of lead you may want to use depends on your dog and personal choice - lots of people also choose to have multiple leashes available for different activities or training purposes.

We have a range of retractable leads for dogs that are wonderful for dogs who already have lots of self-control, and offers your dog a little more freedom than traditional leashes whilst still giving you control over your dog during your walks. Retractable leashes are great for taking your dog outside when there may be hazards around, such as other animals, whilst still offering the flexibility to explore and adventure to their content.

For dogs who may still be in training, Wacky Pets has a selection of traditional-style leads in an array of colours, as well as harnesses.

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