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Dog Beds

Dog Beds at Wacky Pets

Wacky Pets offers a great range of beds, including large beds for larger breeds, elevated beds for those with mobility issues, and other comfortable and calming beds. We stock high quality beds and accessories for all types of dog.

We believe that all dogs should have somewhere comfortable to call their own during nap time or relaxation, so you can rest assured that all of our wonderful beds are comfortable whilst also being good to look at.

Our range also includes dog cages and dog cooling mats. For dogs with mobility issues, we stock a selection of elevated beds that come in a range of sizes to suit any size of dog, from small to large! Elevated beds provide more even, orthopedic support to your dog across their entire body, and can help more mature pets adjust their position with ease, making them an ideal choice for older, or less mobile dogs. Opting to use an elevated bed is also great for keeping tidy - they're very easy to clean, and dogs can't chew the stuffing out (even if they really want to!).

Our range really does have something for everyone.

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