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Dog Crates

Whether you're popping to the vets or want something to assist in training or comforting your dog, dog crates can come in handy! Wacky Pets offers a great selection of crates and dog cages to help keep your pup contained.

Crates are a great addition to any pet owners collection, and can be great for travelling with your pet, and they have benefits when it comes to training, too. Crate training can be an essential part of housebreaking young puppies, and they can be excellent at helping to keep your dogs safe in the event of an emergency. Having a crate available can also help your dog have privacy and comfort during times of distress.

Our selection of high quality cages and crates come in a range of styles, depending on your needs and the size of your dog. We recommend making sure you purchase a crate that's large enough for your dog to be comfortable. We supply small and large crates for every size of dog, that are great for helping keep your dog happy, healthy, and safe.

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