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Thunderbrook Equestrian Turmeric 1kg Horse Supplement

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Thunderbrook Equestrian Turmeric nutritionally supports healthy joints, healthy respiratory functions, normal gastro-intestinal function, detoxing.

Curcumin (one of the active ingredients) in pure turmeric powder averages about 3 to 3.5%, but of course it will vary from batch to batch. Our turmeric powder is pure, human food grade and tested to British Pharmacopea standard. – ie it is quality control tested for pathogenic bacteria, heavy metals, purity, etc and to ensure it has good levels of active ingredients (in this case it would be antioxidants such as curcumin).

We are licensed as an animal feed manufacturer (with a registered facility number) and each batch number of our herbs is fully traceable back to source.

There are inferior grades available at cheaper prices (but the curcumin levels and purity may be questionable).

Thunderbrook Equestrian Turmeric 1kg Horse Supplement, a natural and premium addition to your horse's daily nutrition regimen. Carefully crafted with the well-being of your equine companion in mind, this supplement harnesses the power of turmeric to support overall health and vitality.

Key Features:

Turmeric Power:
Thunderbrook Equestrian Turmeric is a high-quality supplement made from turmeric, known for its potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Provide your horse with the natural benefits of this golden spice to support various aspects of their health.

Joint and Mobility Support:
Turmeric is renowned for its ability to support joint health and promote flexibility. Whether your horse is actively competing or enjoying leisurely rides, this supplement aids in maintaining optimal mobility and joint function.

Natural Anti-Inflammatory Properties:
Help soothe inflammation the natural way. Turmeric has been used for centuries for its anti-inflammatory properties, making it an ideal supplement to support your horse's overall well-being, particularly in times of increased physical activity.

Immune System Boost:
Support your horse's immune system with the immune-boosting qualities of turmeric. A healthy immune system is crucial for your horse's resilience against environmental stressors and challenges.

Digestive Health:
Turmeric promotes a healthy digestive system, assisting in nutrient absorption and supporting gastrointestinal balance. Maintain your horse's digestive well-being with this gentle and natural supplement.

Palatable and Easy to Feed:
Thunderbrook Equestrian Turmeric comes in a convenient and palatable form, making it easy to incorporate into your horse's daily feed. Ensure hassle-free administration and watch as your horse enjoys the benefits of this golden addition.

Trusted Equestrian Brand:
Thunderbrook Equestrian is a trusted name in equine nutrition, known for its commitment to providing high-quality, natural supplements. Choose Thunderbrook for a supplement that prioritizes the health and happiness of your horse.

Give your horse the gift of natural well-being with Thunderbrook Equestrian Turmeric 1kg Horse Supplement. Harness the power of turmeric to support joints, enhance mobility, and promote overall vitality. Elevate your horse's nutrition with the golden touch of Thunderbrook Equestrian.


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