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Johnsons One Dose Wormer Size 1 for Small Dogs up to 8kg


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Johnsons One Dose Wormer Size 1 are single dose treatment to kill roundworms, tapeworms, and hookworms in small breeds of dogs and puppies up to 8kg. Size 2 is for over 8 KG or 2 x 4 kg dogs. size for is for lge dogs or multiple dogs. (see listing) See other listings of this wormer)

Tablets in Size 1 pack are for very small dogs that are under 8kg in weight e.g. Chihuahua, Miniature Yorkshire Terriers, Miniature Jack Russell, Westie, or dogs of a similar weight

Please weigh your dog to establish correct dosage. The easiest way to do this is to weigh yourself then pick up you dog and weigh you and your dog, then take off your weight.

4 tablet pack

Dosage Table:

Dog WeightNumber of Tablets
2.1 kgs - 4 kgs (4.5 lbs - 8.8 lbs)2
4.1 kgs - 6 kgs (8.9 lbs - 13.2 lbs)3
6.1 kgs - 8 kgs (13.3 lbs - 17.6 lbs)4

Always read packaging and information leaflet before use.

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Weight40.00000000 g


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