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Dog Car Seat Belt / Safety Belt for Dog S/M Safe 'N' Sound

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Dog Car Seat Belt / Safety Belt for Dogs S/M

It Is Law to restrain pets in cars, it can invalidate your insurance if you have an accident and have unrestrianed pets in the vehicle !!!!!  When using a seat belt; use it with a harness or there is a possibility; in the event of an accident; you could choke your dog if attached to a collar !

Sharples & Grant are pleased to introduce a new collection of transport safety products for dogs in their Safe 'N' Sound range, consisting of strong, quality safety belts and safety harnesses in a range of sizes.

Sharples & Grant's Safety Harnesses and Belts are designed with pets safety and comfort in mind. By using these restraints, you can ensure that your pet is optimally secured when travelling in a vehicle in case of sudden braking, swerving or collision. They further help to improve safety by keeping pets secured in place, allowing for limited freedom of movement around the vehicle, therefore causing fewer distractions to the driver. The belts are made from strong and durable polyester webbing. Instructions for use can be found on the packaging.

A must have for those who travel with pets in their vehicles.


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