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Dodson and Horrell Staypower Cubes 20kg Horse Food

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Staypower Cubes are ideal for working competition horses and ponies that need a high calorie, low starch diet or those horses and ponies that are prone to gastric ulcers.

Dodson and Horrell Staypower Cubes

The cubes are based on a high fibre and high oil formula and are ideal for horses and ponies prone to excitability. They can also be fed in conjunction with ERS Pellets. Our digestive health and vitality packages help to keep your horse happy and healthy.

Ideal for:

  • Horses competing in stamina disciplines such as eventing and endurance as our stamina package provides vital energy for work
  • Delivering calories by a carefully controlled balance of slow releasing energy ingredients
  • Providing fuel for the mind and muscles
  • Supporting your horse’s health via a patented blend of antioxidants, fortified vitamins and minerals and a comprehensive blend of B vitamins
  • Supporting digestive, muscular, hoof, coat, immune and joint health
  • Post work recovery & hydration due to the micromanaged cooked cereal and electrolytes

Contains: Est. Digestible Energy 12.0MJ/kg Crude Protein 13.0% Crude Oils and Fats 5.5% Crude Fibre 14.0% Crude Ash 9.5% Copper 45 mg/kg Sodium 0.5% Lysine 6 g/kg Potassium 0.9% Vitamin B1 20 mg/kg Vitamin B2 6.5 mg/kg Vitamin B12 0.03 mg/kg Biotin 1.3 mg/kg Vitamin A 17,000 iu/kg Vitamin D 1,800 iu/kg Vitamin E 420 mg/kg


  • Oat-grain free, lower starch performance feed providing a controlled energy release for horses in need of staying power and an even temperament.
  • Provides key amino acids to support muscle development and repair.
  • Includes electrolytes to help replace losses that occur as part of regular training.
  • Fully balanced feed including chelated minerals for optimum absorption and activity in the body.
  • Contains ActiSaf protected yeast, supporting a healthy hindgut environment, fibre fermentation and nutrient uptake

Introducing Dodson and Horrell Staypower Cubes – Unleash the Potential Within Your Equine Athlete!

Give your horse the winning edge with Dodson and Horrell Staypower Cubes, a meticulously crafted feed designed to fuel performance, support recovery, and keep your equine partner at the top of their game. This specially formulated blend comes in convenient cube form, making it easy to provide your horse with the essential nutrients they need for sustained energy and optimal well-being.

Key Features:

High-Energy Formulation: Staypower Cubes are expertly crafted with a high-energy formula, providing your horse with the necessary fuel for endurance, strength, and agility. Perfect for performance horses, eventers, and those engaged in intense training.

Balanced Nutrition: Packed with a precise balance of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, these cubes support overall health, muscle development, and immune function. Every bite is a step towards ensuring your horse reaches their full potential.

Rapid Recovery Support: Staypower Cubes are enriched with ingredients that aid in post-exercise recovery. Promote faster recuperation times and reduce muscle fatigue, allowing your horse to bounce back quickly and be ready for the next challenge.

Trusted Quality: Dodson and Horrell, with a legacy spanning over 80 years, are synonymous with quality in equine nutrition. Staypower Cubes are a testament to their commitment to providing horse owners with top-tier, science-backed feeds.

Give your horse the winning advantage with Dodson and Horrell Staypower Cubes – the choice of champions. Elevate your horse's performance and well-being with a feed that combines science, experience, and a passion for equine excellence. Order your supply today and witness the difference Staypower Cubes can make in unlocking your horse's true potential!


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