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Dodson & Horrell Equilac 10kg Horse / Pony Milk Replacer

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Dodson & Horrell Equilac 10kg is a powdered milk replacer for orphan foals or foals whose dams produce insufficient milk.

  • Growth: High in quality milk protein and fully balanced with vitamins and minerals
  • Hydration: Designed to be mixed with water (130g/litre)
  • Intakes formulated to reflect that produced by broodmares
  • Dodson & Horrell Equilac is formulated to be fed alongside Foal Creep Pellets
  • Equilac is not a source of colostrum; colostrum MUST be consumed first and within 12-14hrs of birth

Equilac is the best way to supplement milk intake for your foal. Whether your foal has been orphaned or your mare is not producing enough milk, Equilac provides calories, protein, vitamins and minerals to support the growing foal.

  • Suitable for foals from one day old to weaning.
  • Mixes with warm water, no need to add milk.

Feeding Guidelines
Equilac Mare’s Milk Replacer can be used for hand rearing, supplementary feeding or automatic machine feeding.

Hand Rearing

If a foal is orphaned or the mare has no milk, Equilac mares milk Replacer is suitable to feed from one day old up to weaning. Equilac provides calories, protein, vitamins and minerals to support the growing foal.

Equilac is not a source of colostrum. It is vital that colostrum is consumed as the primary source of milk within the first 12-14 hours of birth.

Supplementary Feeding

When a mare has insufficient milk, which can frequently happen at the start of lactation, Equilac Milk Replacer should be fed as a milk supplement.

Feeding Rate

Equilac mixes instantly in warm water (130g per litre) – add the milk powder to the water and whisk. Equilac should be fed at 37-38 ºC do not reheat.

For complete accuracy weigh Equilac before mixing. These instructions should be used as a guide only, adjusting the quantity fed according to bodyweight and condition.

For equine use only. A small amount of blue specs in Equilac should be expected and is perfectly normal, due to the inclusion of a bioavailable source of copper.


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