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Catnip Sharples 'N' Grant Natural Sup 'R' Cat Nip, 50G. Refill Cat Toys


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Catnip Sharples 'N' Grant Natural Sup 'R' Cat Nip, 50G. Refill Cat Toys

Sup 'R' Catnip is fantastic natural product in the 'Ruff 'N' Tumble' range by Sharples Pet

Provided in a resealable bag to prolong freshness, this catnip can be used inside toys or used on it's own to drive your cat wild!

Catnip, scientifically known as Nepeta cataria, contains a compound called nepetalactone, which is the primary active ingredient responsible for eliciting a response in cats. When cats encounter cat nip, either by sniffing, licking, or rubbing against it, the nepetalactone binds to receptors in their nasal tissue, which then stimulates sensory neurons leading to the brain.

The response to ca tnip varies from cat to cat. Some cats may become hyperactive, exhibiting behaviors such as rolling, flipping, or playful antics, while others may become more mellow or sedated. Not all cats are affected by cat nip; sensitivity to it is genetically determined, and estimates suggest that around 50-70% of cats are responsive to it.

The reaction to cat nip is thought to mimic the response to certain pheromones, which are chemical compounds that play a role in communication and behavior among animals. It's believed that the response to catnip may be an evolutionary trait that developed as a means of encouraging exploration and play in cats, helping them stay active and engaged in their environment.

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