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Budgie Tonic Seed 1.75kg Bag AND Versele Laga Bird Mineral Grit Mini Block


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Versele Laga Orlux Mineral Bloc Grit contains minerals and trace elements such as calcium, phosphorus, sodium, iron and zinc. Ideal for canaries, finches & budgies. A clean & safe way to give your birds essential Grit & minerals. Economical way of giving grit to your birds without mess

  • Contains Minerals & Trace Elements
  • Ideal for Breeders & Youngsters
  • Great for Canaries, Budgies & all types of finches inc Gouldians.

Sells with 1.75kg Budgie Tonic

Budgie Tonic Food is also ideal for show birds. It is high in protein to assist during breeding and moult, as well as having an appealing orange aroma.

Contains Yellow Millet, Naked Oats, Red Millet, Panicum Millet, Black Rapeseed, Linseed, Nyjer Seed, Japanese Millet and Orange Oil.

Weighed into clear plastic bags from a larger sack

Additional information

Weight1899 g
Dimensions44 × 34 × 15 cm


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