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Dog Crate Cage Carrier Safe 'N' Sound SMALL with FREE DELIVERY

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Dog Crate Cage Carrier Safe 'N' Sound Dog Crate 2 Door SMALL - FREE DELIVERY!
Keep your hound safe and sound with this super black dog crate from the Safe 'N' Sound range by Sharples Pet.
Being easily assembled with no tools required, the crate folds down or sets up in seconds!
The durable plastic base tray can be pulled out for easy cleaning and also features 2 doors for ease of access.

Small - 61cm x 46cm x 48cm

Dog crates can serve several valuable purposes and offer benefits for both dogs and their owners when used appropriately. Here are some reasons why dog crates are considered good:

Safety and Security: Crates provide a safe and secure space for your dog. They can prevent accidents and keep your dog out of harm's way when you can't supervise them. This is especially important for puppies or dogs with a tendency to get into trouble.

Housebreaking: Crates can aid in housebreaking or potty training. Dogs generally don't like to eliminate where they sleep, so a properly-sized crate can encourage them to hold their bladder until they're taken outside.

Travel: Crates are often used for transporting dogs in cars or on planes. They keep the dog contained and reduce the risk of injury during travel. Many airlines require dogs to be in a crate when flying.

Control and Management: Crates can help manage a dog's behaviour. They can be used to limit access to certain areas of the house or prevent destructive behavior when you're not home.

Comfort and Den-Like Space: When introduced and used positively, dogs may come to see their crate as a safe and comfortable den-like space. This can help reduce anxiety and stress, especially in noisy or busy households.

Protection and Recovery: After surgery or illness, a crate can be a helpful way to restrict a dog's movement and activity during the recovery process, ensuring they don't worsen their condition.

It's important to note that while dog crates can be a useful tool, they should be used responsibly and never as a form of punishment. Dogs should associate the crate with positive experiences, and it's crucial to ensure that they have enough room to stand, turn around, and lie down comfortably. Additionally, a crate should not be used for extended periods without breaks for exercise and social interaction.

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