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Winter Pet Care Tips from Wacky Pets

Get ready for a particularly chilly winter, as both our beloved pets and wild animals can feel the cold just as keenly as we do. Since 1975, Wacky Pets, formerly known as Marion's Pet Shop, has been providing valuable advice and quality products to local animal enthusiasts. Now, with an expanded online presence, we're committed to delivering outstanding quality across the UK. Over the years, we've gathered top Winter Pet Care tips to keep your pets and local wildlife happy and healthy in the cold. We're eager to contribute to the well-being of animals in our community this winter. While it's essential to conduct your research, here are some valuable tips to ensure the happiness of both wild and domesticated animals in the upcoming months.

Winter pet Care Tips for Dogs

Keeping Your Dog Comfortable in Winter

Dogs, despite their resilience, need extra care in cool weather.

We all know that cold weather in winter can be hard on our skin, but did you know it can also harm your dog’s pads? When out on walks beware of walking through salt spread by gritters at road edges and on paths, as it can harm your dog’s delicate paws. Consider using products like Pet Head Paw Butter or Animology Paw & Nose balm for dry, sore paws caused by grit after walks.

Winter pet Care Tips for Dogs

It’s better to walk your dog during daylight hours to avoid hazards, but if walking your dog in the evenings is unavoidable, use safety lights like the Ancol Blinker Light to ensure your pet is visible. We’d also advise wearing bright a bright or reflective coat for your own safety too, as it’s difficult to see pedestrians at night when driving if they are dressed in dark colours.

In wet and cold weather it is very important to keep your pet warm on winter walks. Invest in a dog coat to help keep your pet dry and cozy

Winter pet Care Tips for Dogs

Extra Care for Small Animals

Winter pet Care Tips for Rabbits

For rabbits, guinea pigs, and other small animals, monitor bedding, especially outdoors. Dampness due to weather changes can be harmful. Opt for high-quality and safe bedding, such as Straw, to keep them warm and dry.

Winter pet Care Tips for Rabbits

Remember to check water bottles for freezing and consider bringing small animals indoors during extreme weather.

Special Attention for Wild Birds

Winter pet Care Tips for Wild Birds

Wild birds need high-fat foods in winter for energy. Choose high-quality feed like Suet Pellets, Winston Wilds Banquet Logs and Fat Balls. Avoid netted fat balls, as they can harm small birds, as they can easily trap their little legs in the nets.

Consider treats like peanuts, and sunflower hearts for a cost-effective way to support local birds. We offer a wide range of bird feeders to match every budget.

Supporting Other Wildlife

Squirrels benefit from extra attention. Offer dedicated Chipmunk and Squirrel food or loose peanuts. Feed them small, regular portions to help them maintain fat stores for warmth.

Final Thoughts

During the colder months, animals depend on us more than ever. Our Winter Pet Care tips will help your pets and local wildlife thrive until warmer days arrive. Exercise caution and keep your pets warm, as they feel the chill just like we do.

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