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An elevated dog bed can be beneficial to dogs that are getting a little older, or dogs with mobility issues. They’re a versatile type of bed that have many benefits to you and your pup, and it’s tempting to upgrade your dog’s bed to a raised dog bed instead of a traditional bed. Here at Wacky Pets, we believe that dog comfort should always be a top priority when you’re looking at potential beds, so we’ve put together our three favourite things about raised dog beds below.

A white dog sleeping on a colourful dog bed

Are Elevated Dog Beds Good for Dogs with Arthritis?

If you’re wondering are elevated dog beds are good for older dogs… then the answer is yes! Many dogs, both young and old, can suffer from mobility issues or arthritis. Making sure that your dog is comfortable and healthy is a top priority for dog owners, and it’s super important to make sure that your dog has somewhere comfortable to rest and unwind after a long day!

For those with mobility issues, raised dog beds can provide even, orthopaedic support across their whole body, and offer more support than a traditional dog bed. Due to their raised nature and firm platform, these raised beds make it even easier for your dog to move around and get comfortable when they need to. By easing pressure on the dog’s joints, they’ll have a much nicer, much more comfortable night’s sleep, as well as having somewhere exceedingly relaxing to unwind.

Super soft, fluffy beds may not always offer enough support for dogs, who often require a more solid surface to sleep on (which is why you might spot your dog napping on the floor, even though the floor is too hard for them). Dogs with mobility issues may also struggle to get in and out of a softer bed once they’ve sunk into it, and an elevated bed removes the risk of your dog struggling to get out of their bed.

Can Raised Dog Beds Keep My Dog Cool?

Even though we tend to have more rain than sunshine in the UK, it can still get very warm! Just like people, dogs can feel uncomfortable in the heat, and highly padded beds can help trap the heat and make your pup too warm.

For very hot days in the summer, a raised bed can help keep your dog cool by allowing the air to circulate underneath the bed itself, which can help keep your dog cool during those all-too-warm days and nights we’ve been having lately. If your dog is too hot, they may feel distressed and have a poor-quality sleep, so managing their heat level is important.

Many dogs also love their blankets, and a raised bed can help to make sure your dog can have their favorite comforts without feeling a bit too warm! The raised base also has other benefits, too, such as preventing moisture build up whilst being easy to wash and maintain, and helping to keep your pooch off the cold floor during winter.

A grey elevated dog bed isolated on a white background

Are Elevated Dog Beds Easy to Travel With?

‘How to travel with your dog’ can be a tricky question to answer, especially if you’re taking your dog to a new place that they may not have been to before. For many dogs, having something familiar and comforting to them can be a great way to ease any anxiety your dog might have over being in a strange place. Traditional dog beds may be hard to take with you on trips, but elevated dog beds are easy to move around and store due to being lightweight.

Raised dog beds are also super hygienic and easy to keep clean, making them even better for travelling with!

A beautiful brown dog resting on a grey elevated dog bed
A customer's photograph of their wonderful dog, Ruby, resting on an elevated dog bed

Is an elevated dog bed better? Well, that depends on your dog’s preferences! We think that raised dog beds are great for older dogs or those with mobility issues, but super soft and padded beds are a great choice for most people. Wacky Pets has a whole range of dog beds in a variety of sizes, colours, and designs, including a range of raised beds to help your pup keep feeling great.

If you’re looking to make the jump to an elevated bed, our range offers a variety of sizes to help keep your dog comfortable, and you can view our range here.

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