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Yakers Dog Chews x 1, 2 or 3. Size Medium. 100% Natural Dog Treat


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Yakers Dog Chews are softer in comparison to extra tough dog chews like the Antlers & Buffalo Horns, but take much more chewing than a standard dog chew. The hard texture means dogs need to soften and work at the treat potentially for hours before they’re rewarded with small pieces to chew off. This is a long lasting dog chew. The great thing about these chews; when they get down to a small piece; pop it in the microwave for a few seconds and the piece will expand & look like a lump of honeycomb. Now when cold give it back to your dog and he will love the new texture.

YAKERS dog chews are a perfectly healthy and tasty treat for your dog as they are in low in fat at only 5.2%. Best of all they are also gluten-free, preservative free, vegetarian, rich in calcium and protein with no nasty’s added to ensure they are naturally good for your dog.

YAKERS are great for removing plaque and promoting your dog’s oral health.

YAKERS dog chews are made in the hills of the Himalayas using a mix of skimmed Yak and Cow milk. A very small amount of lime juice and salt is added to harden the milk, which is then compressed into blocks and traditionally smoke dried for 28 days to give the cheese chews their unique flavour.

Yak and Cow milk (99.9%), Lime Juice, Salt. Crude Protein 59.2%, Oils & Fats 5.2%, Crude Fibre 5.9%, Moisture 10.0%.

For dogs over 4 months old.

Additional information

Weight400 g
Dimensions44 × 34 × 15 cm

No of Treats

1 x Yakers, 2 x Yakers, 3 x Yakers


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