Winston Wilds Hedgehog Food 1kg Luxury Premium Quality


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    Winston Wilds Hedgehog Food Luxury Premium Quality contains soft, small, high energy fat ball bites united with calcium-rich Calci-Worms, Energy rich Sunflower hearts, delicious dried cranberry pieces and finished with a peppering of little peanut kibbles. A complementary food for your night time visitors, they’re sure to look forward to coming back for more, night after night. This quality hedgehog food meats all a hedgehog requirements

    Place a small handful of our premium hedgehog food onto a little shallow dish placed onto the ground before dusk. Hedgehogs will also appreciate a small dish of fresh water being left out.

    Attract: Hedgehogs

    Ingredients: Fat ball bites, Calci-Worms, Sunflower Hearts, Peanut Kibble, Sunflower Hearts.

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