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Versele Laga Colombine Pickstone Red x 1 or 2 Pigeon Supplement


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Versele Laga Colombine Pickstone Red is like a hard cake. It contains trace elements, minerals and salts. It helps you to keep your pigeons away from the fields. This added control means that you know exactly what they are eating, when they are eating it and how much allowing you to plan their nutrition accordingly to get the most out of them.

Directions for use

To be placed at free disposal the whole year through.

Pickstone Red
Colombine Pickstone Red is rich in minerals from several sources. Contributes to keeping your pigeons away from the fields.

  • A hard cake with trace elements, minerals and salts
  • Easy to use: one minerals cake that pigeons just love

Versele Laga Colombine Pickstone Analytical constituents Crude ash 94.5%, Calcium 23.8%, Phosphorus 0.18% & Sodium 1.60%

Nutritional additives E1 - Iron (iron oxide) 2.700 mg/kg, E4 - Copper (copper (II) sulphate pentahydrate) 40 mg/kg, E5 - Manganese (manganous oxide) 90 mg/kg & E6 - Zinc (zinc oxide) 110 mg/kg

Composition Marine shells grit, Ground oyster shells, Redstone, Stomach gravel, Salt & Phosphate

Additional information

Weight1899 g

1 x Pickstone, 2 x Pickstone


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