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Wild Bird Seed Feeder Supa Plastic x 2

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Wild Bird Seed Feeder Supa Plastic x 2.  Two Port Feeder for Wild Bird / Garden

Feeder for dispensing Seed Feeds for Garden Birds.

Easy to fill and maintain. No sharp edges. With hanging hoop


Why use a Wild Bird Seed Feeder 

Besides the delight of seeing and hearing birds in your garden, feeding wild birds also helps boost their population and positively supports their communities. We share some of the benefits and reasons why it's important to feed wild birds and offer suggestions on how you can make their daily lives easier.

Aside from why it's important to feed wild birds, it is one of the most enjoyable and rewarding pass times that conveniently doesn't take much effort. Bird feeding is a hobby anyone can enjoy, regardless of age, and it's getting more popular every year.

Providing your local birds with high-quality bird food can dramatically increase the population of birds in your area. By giving them a stable source of nutrition, you are helping to support them and their need for nutritious food.

When you leave bird food out for wild birds, they may not take it straight away, and this is because it may take a little time for birds to spot the food and then they will want to scope out the area first to be sure the food is in a safe location, and there is no risk of predators around. However, once you offer wild birds quality food, they will visit and feast more frequently, and as time progresses, more birds will come.

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Weight450 g
Dimensions44 × 34 × 15 cm


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