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Metal Wild Bird Seed Feeder by Supa

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Metal Wild Bird Seed Feeders by Supa are a strong robust & durable Seed Feeder that will encourage many types of bird into your back garden.

Plastic seed tube with metal hook, base, and top

COLOUR MAY VARY - Black or Green Metal Wild Bird Seed feeder supplied

(Stand not included)

Help your garden birds by feeding them all year round and not just during winter.

  • Spring - help birds feed their young
  • Summer - dry ground makes it harder to find food
  • Autumn - birds are moulting and preparing their bodies for winter
  • Winter - helps birds survive the colder weather ready for nesting in the springtime

A garden with a bird feeder means that birds can spend less time foraging for natural food. This is pivotal when it comes to summer when birds can’t stand long durations in the heat and also when they have to return to their young.

No matter what day or time of night you want your garden visitors to be fed. There is an ongoing decline in forest areas and natural land sources and so offering birds food through a bird feeder in your garden gives them a constant supply of nutrients.

There are a number of advantages of feeding birds in your garden, and there is no better season to start than in the summer.

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Weight449 g
Dimensions44 × 34 × 15 cm


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