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Supa Metal Sunflower Hearts Feeder and 500g Sunflower Hearts

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Wild Bird Sunflower Hearts Feeder & 500G Sunflower Hearts 500G Quality Sunflower Hearts. Best Quality. Bakery Grade. Can be eaten by humans, but leave some for the birds 😉

These are packed with oil, making them a brilliant source of energy and heat for wild birds. Being husk less means less mess and greatly reduced waste, as these seeds are eaten by all species of birds.


1 x Supa Metal Sunflower Hearts Feeder
A wild bird feeder especially designed for feeding Sunflower Hearts. The feeder is an all metal construction including a Stainless Steel handle.

Sunflower seed hearts are the kernels of black sunflower seeds. This means that the husks have already been removed and so the hearts are easy for the birds to eat. They are a highly nutritious food which is rich in oil and protein and so provide valuable energy for wild birds.

If you are looking to attract more wild birds to your garden then hearts are the perfect choice. Hearts are big favourites with wild birds and offer fringe benefits for you too!

A wide variety of birds including robins, tits, greenfinches, blackbirds, sparrows and starlings simply adore sunflower hearts. Sunflower seed hearts will also minimize mess in your garden.

Hearts are bursting with energy and goodness, providing a delicious food source for wild birds. Our sunflower seed hearts are a superb, easily accessible food source which can be placed in feeders, on the ground or on a feeding table. They're loved by a whole host of birds but particularly smaller birds which need to eat but keep away from predators as well. Sunflower seed hearts for birds can be used all year round, just remember to regularly clean bird feeders to prevent disease spreading.

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Weight899 g
Dimensions44 × 34 × 15 cm


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