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Strikeback Home Flea Spray 1 Litre Super Strength House Hold Home Flea Spray


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Strikeback Home Flea Spray 1 Litre, is the most advanced, long lasting, and low odour household flea killing spray.


  • Strikeback Super Strength Triple action flea spray is suitable for both professional and amateur use on indoor soft furnishings including; mattresses and carpets, hard non-porous surfaces, public hygiene areas and so much more
  • It combines two natural insecticides and an insect growth regulator. The insecticide flushes out fleas from their hiding spaces, kills them and helps prevent the reproduction of any future fleas
  • This treatment can be repeated as and when it is required to keep your home flea free for you and your pets.

Ingredients: Contains 0.1% w/w cypermethrin, 0.01% w/w pyriproxyfen and 0.05% w/w chrysanthemum cinerariaefolium extract

Not for use on animals.

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Weight1899 g


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