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Rentokil Weatherproof Blocks Rat and Mouse Poison

(4 customer reviews)

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Rentokil Weatherproof Blocks Rat and Mouse Poison. Get rid of unwanted pests with these ready-to-use Rentokil Mouse & Rat Weatherproof Bait Blocks. Weatherproof and hard-wearing, they are suitable for both indoor, dry conditions and outdoor, damp environments, making them extremely versatile and helping you relax worry-free in your home and garden the year round. Simply place the bait in a tray or covered bait point where pests have been seen.


  • Ready-to-use bait to be used in tamper resistant bait stations for the control of rats & mice in & around buildings.
  • Kills up to 40 mice or 16 rats.
  • Kills in one feed
  • New improved formula
  • Hard-wearing blocks, ideal for use outdoors but can also be used indoors, in and around buildings.
  • Contains Brodifacoum.
  • Made in the UK.
  • Keep out of the reach of children and pets.
  • Use biocides safely.
  • Always read the label before use.

Where to use: Anywhere that rodents have been seen, for mice commonly in cupboards, behind furniture, under floorboards and in lofts, garages and sheds. For rats, commonly in sheds, garages, under decking or near compost heaps.

How to use
Follow the full instructions before use. Simply place bait inside a lockable bait station and position in areas where mice or rats have been seen. Exclude ALL pets and children during use and remove all baits before allowing them back into the treatment area.

Additional information

Weight400.00000000 g
Dimensions44 × 34 × 15 cm

4 reviews for Rentokil Weatherproof Blocks Rat and Mouse Poison

  1. Wacky Pets

    REVIEW FROM ONE OF OUR EBAY CUSTOMERS: Had a big nest of rats that decided to make there home under our summer house after trying some cheap poison baits that didn’t work! then used this and good night rats !! Took about 3 weeks and I used 1 tub .good stuff

  2. Wacky Pets

    REVIEW FROM ONE OF OUR EBAY CUSTOMERS: I have used these blocks before and they are most effective, they are also good value.

  3. Wacky Pets

    REVIEW FROM ONE OF OUR EBAY CUSTOMERS: wonder rat killer that was great I put it down the day I got it and the next day it was all gone and they have never been back since im going to orer more this week thanks guys works well

  4. Wacky Pets

    REVIEW FROM ONE OF OUR EBAY CUSTOMERS: Easy to use and seems very effective.

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