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Pillow Wad Mini Meadow Hay 6 x 1kg for Small Animal, Rabbit etc

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Pillow Wad Mini Meadow Hay, 6 x 1kg SIX KG TOTAL HAY for Small animal, Rabbit, Guinea Pig etc

Pillow-Wad uses English meadow hay, from traditional meadows which produce the softest hay which is more palatable to small animals and is full of natural vitamins.

Even the smallest animals need the best quality dust extracted and un-chopped feed with the daily nutrients and fibre they need to strive. Left in long stands so they can really play with their food.

Vets and specialists all agree that the best diet is an animal’s ‘natural diet’. That’s why we packed this bag full of flavours from the fields and meadows around our farm they’d instinctively feed from.

Pillow Wad Mini Meadow hay is bursting with irresistible tastes and textures, this nutritious hay provides a balanced diet all year round with a natural blend of grasses, herbs and fibre. Unchopped and dust-extracted to keep tiny teeth and tummies healthy and happy. A naturally balanced feed full of flavours from natures larder.

  • Unchopped and dust-extracted for a nutritious taste and to support dental and digestive health.
  • Harvested on or within 7 miles our farm with full traceability…we can even show you which field it was cut from.
  • Made using traditional methods that results in a blend of grasses and herbs packed with nutrition.
  • Packed with fibre and a natural blend of grasses.
  • Provides a balanced diet all year round.
  • Grown in meadows that’s cared for before and after harvest – the grass is always greener on our side.

You will receive SIX 1kg bags of Pillow Wad Mini Meadow

Additional information

Weight6500 g
Dimensions44 × 34 × 15 cm


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