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KONG Reefz Large. Fish Shaped Dog Toy


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KONG Reefz sport multiple textures that reward instinctual chewing behaviours. The durable KONG Ballistic material and flat, floppy bodies spark thrashing fun. Squeakers make sure dogs take the bait and keep playing with their irresistibly shiny aquatic friends.

  • KONG Ballistic material for long-lasting engagement
  • KONG Reefz features multiple textures reward chewing fun
  • Fins for easy grab-and-go play
  • Please note this is not a chew toy
  • Design may vary

KONG dog toys are popular and highly regarded for several reasons:

  • Durability: KONG toys are made from tough, natural rubber that can withstand heavy chewing and play. They are designed to be long-lasting, which is especially important for dogs who are aggressive chewers.
  • Mental stimulation: Many KONG toys are designed with features that challenge your dog's mind. Their classic KONG toy, for example, can be filled with treats or peanut butter, encouraging dogs to work to extract the goodies. This mental stimulation can help alleviate boredom and anxiety in dogs.
  • Versatility: KONG offers a wide range of toy options, from classic shapes to specialized toys designed for specific purposes, such as dental health or tug-of-war. This versatility allows you to choose a KONG toy that best suits your dog's preferences and needs.
  • Safe materials: KONG uses non-toxic, FDA-approved materials in their toys, ensuring your dog's safety during play.

Additional information

Weight400 g
Dimensions44 × 34 × 15 cm


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