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Kagesan Red Sand Sheets (43 x 27cm) No.6 x 2 Packs

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Kagesan Red Sand Sheets (43 x 27cm) No.6 x 2 Packs

The convenient and hygienic way to keep your pet birds' cage clean and tidy. Just remove the used sand sheet and replace with a new sanded sheet twice a week. For complete cage hygiene. Fits most of the common cage sizes. Can be trimmed down to fit your cage size.

You will receive 2 packs of 5 Kagesan Red sand sheets, so 10 sheets in total

Ideal for lining the base of bird cage tray
Easy to fit and remove. Can also be easily cut to size to fit your cage.

Kagesan Red Sand Sheets APPROX MEASUREMENTS: LENGTH: 43CM (17") WIDTH: 28CM (11")

Using sandpaper sheets at the bottom of a birdcage can provide several benefits:

Hygiene: The sandpaper can help to absorb moisture, droppings, and other waste materials, which can reduce the buildup of bacteria and odor in the cage.
Claw maintenance: The rough surface of the sandpaper can help to naturally wear down the bird's claws as they move around in the cage, which can reduce the need for trimming and prevent overgrowth.
Exercise: The textured surface of the sandpaper can also provide a surface for your bird to grip and move around on, which can provide some exercise and stimulation.

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