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Johnsons Cockatiel Parrot Fruity Stick, 45G x 7 Bird Treats

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Johnsons Cockatiel Parrot Fruity Stick with selected seeds, nuts and cereals with honey plus various dried fruit including apple, banana, raisins and currants.

  • Fruity sticks for Cockatiels, Parrots etc
  • Selected seeds, nuts and cereals with honey plus various dried fruit
  • Has a hanger so you can fasten it to your bird's cage
  • Suitable for African Grey, Conure, Cockatiel and more
  • A tasty treat for your parrot, cockatiel, parakeet from a name you can trust!
  • Provides nutrition to birds with ingredients like honey, nuts, cereals, and dried fruits
  • Works as a great supplement to the normal diet of birds like parrots, parakeets, and cockatiels
  • Improves digestion in birds by encouraging the growth of healthy bacteria
  • Food on a hanger makes it easy for the birds to peck with their beak, which consequently provides them with a way to be more active
  • Makes eating more fun and adds variety to birds' food

Johnsons Cockatiel Parrot Fruity Sticks not only taste great and are enriched with dried fruit and nuts, they also provide stimulation for you feathered friend.

The list of ingredients includes honey, nuts, cereals, and dried fruits, such as apple, banana, apricot, raisins, and currants glued together with gelatine adhesive. All of these components combined help to provide the supplementary nutrition that the birds are unable to get from their daily food. This bird treat is provided in the form of a hanger wherein the food chunk is covered all around a food-safe hook to make it possible to hang in the cage.

You will receive SEVEN sticks

Additional information

Weight898 g
Dimensions44 × 34 × 15 cm


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