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Johnsons Catnip Spray 150ml to Spray on Cat Toys and Scratching Posts


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Johnsons Catnip Spray is made with oil extracted from dried leaves of Cat Mint, they just can’t get enough of this stuff!

To attract and give pleasure to your pet, Johnsons Catnip spray can be sprayed on toys, teasers, scratchers, or cat bedding. It stimulates playful behaviour and causes exhilaration and euphoria in most cats due to its natural scent. This catnip spray is non-addictive and completely harmless. It is simple to use and also very useful, as it appeals to the natural instincts of your cat like scratching. Scratching is a natural & necessary behaviour for cats to exercise the body and trim claws, so spray it on your cat's scratching to post to attract them to that, rather than other unwanted areas.

Johnsons Catnip Spray Product Benefits

  • Pleasures your cat and stimulates them
  • Contains oil from the dried leaves of catnip
  • Non-addictive and completely harmless to pets
  • Simple to use and very effective
  • Can be sprayed on bedding, teasers, scratch posts or toys

Most cats, especially males find the aroma of catnip irresistible. This specially formulated catnip spray is made using oil extracted from the dried leaves of catmint; it is non-addictive and completely harmless.

You may find kittens only develop a sense of catnip at around the age of 6 months and over.

Additional information

Weight350 g
Dimensions44 × 34 × 15 cm


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