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Johnson's Anti Mite Extra Spray 150ML for Birds

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Johnson's Anti Mite Extra is a water based pump spray. Kills red mite, northern mite, lice and other common external parasites.

Suitable for direct use on cage birds and pigeons. Contains permethrin for lasting protection.

Whether caged pets or backyard poultry, birds are susceptible to mite and lice infestation. While you may find many over-the-counter sprays to tackle this problem, it is extremely crucial to know that whatever you are using is safe for your birds. If you suspect mites or lice on your birds, use Johnsons Anti-Mite Extra spray! This non-toxic, water-based spray keeps your birds chirpy and safe. It is highly effective against red mite, northern mite, lice, and other common external parasites on birds and pigeons. This bird mite spray is formulated to be used directly on caged birds and pigeons as well as their bedding and surrounding grounds in the cage where insect pests have a chance to live and breed. Some bird mites and lice can cause itchy skin while others affect their beaks, nose, and legs. Recommended by veterinarians, this safe-to-use bird mite treatment is uniquely formulated with permethrin to act quickly and remain effective for long periods. Permethrin affects the nervous system of mites and lice, paralyzing, and eventually killing them. This bird lice spray provides long-lasting protection against re-infestation, which can cause intense irritation.

This anti-mite spray for parakeets, budgies, canaries, and other caged birds is easy to use. Firstly, remove the food and water bowls from the birds cage. Spray directly on each caged bird from the rear from a distance of about 30cm (12 in.). Make sure you avoid the birds eyes and face. Simply shake well before use. For small birds, use 1-2 bursts and for large birds use 3-5 bursts. Available in a convenient, ready-to-use pump spray bottle, this Johnsons anti-mite spray provides an easy application on your birds, cage surfaces, nesting boxes, and perches.

Product Benefits

  • Can kill the red mite, northern mite, lice and other common external parasites on birds
  • Safe to use directly on cage birds and pigeons as well as on surfaces of cages and aviaries
  • Water-based pump spray contains permethrin for lasting protection
  • Ensures long-lasting protection against re-infestation
  • For small birds: 1-2 pumps of spray; for large birds: 3-5 pumps of spray

Additional information

Weight400 g
Dimensions44 × 34 × 15 cm


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