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Harry Hamster food 700g, Paper Bedding, Grassy Bundles, and Nibblots


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HAMSTER FOOD / BEDDING / TOY Harry Hamster 700g, Paper Bedding, Ancol Grassy Bundle, and Random pack of Nibblots

Harry Hamster Tasty Mix, 700G. Supreme Tiny Friends Farm

• Zero added sugar
• Nutritionally balanced diet suitable for Hamsters of all ages
• Enhances digestive health
• Encourages natural foraging behaviour
• Promotes dental wear
• Rich in natural ingredients
• Made with only the finest raw materials
• High palatable

Ingredients: Wheat, torrified wheat, flaked peas, soya bean meal, whole maize, flaked maize, sunflower seeds, flaked soya beans, alfalfa meal, peanut kernels, soya oil, peanuts in shells, pumpkin seeds, soya bean hulls, wheat feed, extruded locust beans, calcium carbonate. May contain genetically modified soya and traces of nuts


1 x Paper Bedding - paper bedding is an excellent product & very good value. The paper is highly absorbent, warm and cosy. This product makes an ideal alternative to shavings and can be used with small animals. The compressed paper is absorbent and environmentally friendly.


1 x RANDOM PACK OF NIBBLOTS TREATS for SMALL ANIMAL / Rabbit / Guinea Pig/ Hamster etc 30g. Nibblots have been formulated to maintain small animals wellbeing.


2 x Ancol Grassy Bundle. 100% Natural Chew Toy for Small Animal. Approx size 6 Inch. Ancol Grassy Bundles are made from 100% natural materials
Ideal for adding interest to your pet's environment. Designed for nibbling.
Components: Dried grass, string

A great value pack for your hamster!

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