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Don't Pee Here Clean n Tidy Urine Deterrent Spray 500ml

(9 customer reviews)

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Don't Pee Here spray discourages your dog or cat from urinating and soiling in unwanted places.

The naturally strong mustard scent keeps your pet away from the desired area and, with it's non-staining formula and can be used anywhere in the home. The initial odour disappears within a few seconds, leaving a long lasting action where applied. 100% pet friendly for your peace of mind. 500ml spray bottle for easy application and long life.

  • Don't Pee Here has an easy to use trigger spray
  • Use indoors
  • Non staining formula

Sharples are proud to introduce their brand new range of hygiene products, formulated to give optimum results, whilst being 100% safe for your beloved pooch or cat!

Make sure you are caring for your pet in the best possible way... keep them Clean & Tidy!

Part of having a pet dog or cat is teaching them where it is acceptable, or not, to go. This Dont Pee Here Spray is a 100% pet friendly way of keeping your pets away from peeing in a certain area. Containing a natural, strong mustard smell this non staining spray can be used around the house to convince pets to go to the loo elsewhere. The initial smell disappears in a few seconds to leave a long lasting action, saving you from cleaning up unwanted mess, and helping to train your pet.

Please Note: Not suitable for all types of carpets. Please patch test the product before widespread use to ensure that your carpet won’t stain.

Introducing the ultimate solution to your indoor pet training woes: the Don't Pee Here Urine Deterrent Spray. Designed with the comfort and cleanliness of your home in mind, this innovative formula is your go-to ally in discouraging unwanted urination in specific areas.

Crafted with a unique blend of natural ingredients, our urine deterrent spray emits a gentle yet effective scent that signals to your pets that certain spaces are off-limits for relief. Say goodbye to pesky accidents on carpets, rugs, furniture, and other household surfaces. With our spray, you can reclaim your home's cleanliness and peace of mind.

Easy to use and non-toxic, simply apply the Don't Pee Here Urine Deterrent Spray to the desired area and let its powerful formula work its magic. Our formula is safe for use around pets and humans alike, ensuring that your family members – both furry and not – can coexist happily in a clean, odor-free environment.

Whether you're house training a new puppy, managing territorial marking behavior, or simply seeking to maintain a fresh and hygienic home, the Don't Pee Here Urine Deterrent Spray is your reliable solution. Take control of indoor pet training with confidence, and create a harmonious living space for all.

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Weight700.00000000 g
Dimensions44 × 34 × 15 cm

9 reviews for Don't Pee Here Clean n Tidy Urine Deterrent Spray 500ml

  1. Wacky Pets

    REVIEW FROM AN EBAY CUSTOMER: Our bengal cat has a tendency to pee nice new rugs and ruined a few in doing this. Bought this in the hope it may work, and am pleased to say it does! The cat actually refuses to walk on the rug since spraying it!! Worth every penny!

  2. Wacky Pets

    REVIEW FROM AN EBAY CUSTOMER: Of all the products I have tried to deter local dogs, this is the only one which seems to work. Problem is, dogs now go to my neighbours gate posts.

  3. Wacky Pets

    REVIEW FROM AN EBAY CUSTOMER: with a young puppy in the house this product was very helpful whilst i was toilet training him, easy to use and would recommend

  4. Wacky Pets

    REVIEW FROM AN EBAY CUSTOMER: I was having problems with my dog scent marking. He hasn’t done anything for a week now thanks to this product, happy I found it 😁

  5. Wacky Pets

    REVIEW FROM AN EBAY CUSTOMER: Have used this product before and it’s much cheaper to buy this than a new rug!! As long as you remember to spray regularly, our cat won’t go anywhere near the rug!

  6. Wacky Pets

    REVIEW FROM AN EBAY CUSTOMER: Very good totally worth its money dont take long to come came within 2working day xx

  7. Wacky Pets

    REVIEW FROM AN EBAY CUSTOMER: We have had a rescue dog for 8 weeks. Separation anxiety started along with peeing and scratching door after a couple of weeks although he never peed when we were with him. This worked from day 2, now on day 12 and no peeing or scratching at the door 😀

  8. Wacky Pets

    REVIEW FROM AN EBAY CUSTOMER: This product really works when house training puppies.

  9. Wacky Pets

    REVIEW FROM AN EBAY CUSTOMER: Does what it says on the tin! Stopped my puppy from peeing wherever he pleased!

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