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Cuttlefish Holder x Twin Pack AND 2 x SMALL Cuttlefish Bones for Birds

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Cuttlefish Holder Hatchwells Holder Twin Pack - 2 strong plastic/white cuttlefish bone holders per card. Fits various size cages - suitable for cages and aviaries. Approx. size 70mm x 38mm x 12mm Made in GB.

All birds need cuttlefish for health and stimulation and the holders keep it clean and off the floor; so no contamination from bird droppings.

Sells with two SMALL Cuttlefish bones 4 - 6" Long

Classic Cuttlebones supply an essential calcium supplement and other trace minerals to a bird's diet; as well as providing exercise, stimulation and helping to prevent boredom; they are the best thing for maintaining beak and claws in tip top, sharp and trim condition.

Cuttlebone is an important dietary supplement for birds because it is a great source of necessary minerals and calcium, which helps birds with bone formation and blood clotting. Cuttlebone is an inexpensive source of calcium carbonate and other trace minerals for your bird. It is a natural product and doesn't contain toxins or contaminants. On the other hand, most artificial mineral blocks are made from Plaster of Paris. It is also important to know that the artificial mineral blocks contain whatever the manufacturer added; this could be food coloring or seed.

Similar to calcium, trace elements are crucial for both people and birds. The trace elements found within cuttlebone benefit birds, as well. Iron aids with red blood cell formation and function, Potassium maintains normal heart and muscle activity, Zinc helps with the immune system, and Copper assists with proper circulation and healing.

A true Classic from Classic Pet Products, our Large Cuttlefish Bone is really an essential for birds which has truly stood the test of time!

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Weight299 g
Dimensions44 × 34 × 15 cm


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