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Pet Cat Rabbit Carrier Road Runner 2 Blue Berry, 56CM

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Pet Cat Rabbit Carrier Road Runner 2 Blue Berry, 56CM, Safe N Sound.
Safe 'N' Sound Road Runner 2 with Wire door. Made from a tough plastic. L 56.4 x W 37.4 x H 35 cm
Great value carrier provides excellent protection for your pet whilst travelling. Built in seat belt slots for added safety. Carrier clips on to the car seat belts.

Pet Cat Rabbit Carrier Road Runner is specifically designed for the transportation of your pet.

Comfortable handle for carrying.

Wire door for extra safety.
Blue Berry.
Size  L 56.4 x W 37.4 x H 35 cm
Ideal for travelling, moving house, trips in the car, and while visiting the vets.

A cat that is comfortable with the cat carrier will be less stressed and in turn this will make the owner less stressed. As all cats are going to need to be transported in a cat carrier at some point, it is advised that everyone take the time to get their cat comfortable with the carrier. Remember to take time with cat carrier training, only progressing to each step once your cat seems completely comfortable.
Leave your open cat carrier in a quiet space so that your cat can explore it at their leisure. Alternatively, if your cat is nervous about the cat carrier, ensure they are not around when you place it out. Cat especially nervous? Begin by placing some bedding near the carrier. As your cat gets more comfortable, move the bedding steadily closer to the carrier.

Now your cat is feeling more relaxed, it’s time to move the blanket into the cat carrier. Placing a treat inside the carrier will give them additional incentive to explore the carrier and help build good associations.

After your cat is happy ‘finding’ the treats in the carrier, get them used to your presence while they are exploring. Try throwing some of your cat’s biscuits or a treat into the carrier while your cat is in there.

Once your cat is comfortable spending a few minutes in the carrier, you can begin closing the door. Don’t rush this step – you don’t want to risk spooking them! Remember: if your cat doesn’t seem happy at any point, repeat the process again.

Once the door is closed and your cat is safely inside, try lifting the carrier so they can get familiar with the feeling of being transported. If your cat still seems nervous, try draping a blanket or familiar bedding over the entrance.

When you’re not training your cat to use the carrier, keep it out and visible at home. You can even try giving them treats in there from time to time, to show them it’s a great place to be!

Additional information

Weight4500 g
Dimensions44 × 34 × 15 cm


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