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Caged Seed Feeder Supa AND 500g Bucktons Premium Wild Bird Seed

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Caged Seed Feeder Supa AND 500g Bucktons Premium Wild Bird Seed

Supa Wild Bird Cage Seed Feeder is designed to deter Squirrels and also larger birds such as Pigeons and Doves from eating Seed.

The robust powder coated steel frame will certainly be a challenge to the most determined of predators.

Provides Smaller Birds with a sense of security while feeding.

The feeder is filled via a Flip Top Lid.

A Caged Seed Feeder is useful to deter birds such as pigeons, crows and starlings from stealing all the food from the smaller birds and bullying other birds. It also stops them from throwing it all over the floor. They also helps to deter squirrels, although this does not stop them completely all the time. The larger birds tend to kick out a lot of seed from the feeder, meaning that it just drops to the floor and not everything that gets thrown out, gets eaten up by ground feeding birds.

Approximate Dimensions: 26cm (H) x 17cm (W) x 17cm (D) plus handle.

It is always worthwhile cleaning your feeder occasionally with warm water & a mild detergent or a disinfectant solution to avoid a build-up of bacteria.

Sells with 500g of Bucktons PREMIUM Wild Bird Seed



Additional information

Weight899 g
Dimensions44 × 34 × 15 cm


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