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Buffalo Tripe Sticks 100G. 100% Free Range Dog Treats Chews. OFFER


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Buffalo Tripe Sticks - 100g. Sourced from Free Range Buffalo. 100% Grass-fed and Hormone Free.

Buffalo products are high in Protein and a great Natural Dog Treat. Leaner and lower in saturated fat than Beef and Pork, they are also a great source of Heart Protective Omega-3

Buffalo Tripe is the unprocessed stomach of a buffalo. Before dogs were domesticated, they would hunt and devour the most vital organs of their prey, including the stomach (tripe). Although this may sound gross, tripe is fast becoming a popular supplement for dogs.

What are the health benefits of beef tripe for dogs?
Tripe contains probiotics which is a type of beneficial bacteria that helps boost immune systems and promotes digestive health. Probiotics affect gut health and aid in digestion. For dogs that experience digestive problems like diarrhea, supplementing their diet with probiotics is often recommended.

Digestive enzymes
Tripe contains digestive enzymes. The same digestive enzymes that a ruminating animal would use to break down their food and turn it into nutrients can also be used by dogs. Supplementing a dog’s diet with enzymes may help facilitate digestion and help your pet digest food at a faster rate.

Fatty acids
Tripe contains omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. Fatty acids have many health benefits for dogs. They may help boost a dog’s immune system, reduce joint inflammation and help produce a healthy skin and coat. Check out our blog on omega 3s to learn more of the benefits of supplementing your dog’s diet with fatty acids.

Vitamins and minerals
Tripe is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals like calcium and phosphorus. Rather than using a synthetic vitamin or additive, these vitamins and minerals are naturally occurring in tripe.

Tripe is packed full of protein which helps dogs grow strong muscles and bones. Protein also helps provide dogs with the energy they need to feel their best throughout the day and helps your dog grow thick, healthy fur.

Additional information

Weight290 g
Dimensions44 × 34 × 15 cm


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