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Flavoured Worming Tablets for Dogs Bob Martin Clear 3in1 3-40kg. 4 Tablet

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Flavoured Worming Tablets for Dogs Bob Martin Clear 3in1 3-40kg. 4 tablet pack is an effective treatment against all intestinal worms commonly found in the UK and Eire.

Effective treatment of roundworms, hookworms, tapeworms and whipworms.

Bob Martin Clear is here to help with a complete solution for treating and preventing Worms. They understand the special bond you have with your pet and how important their health and happiness is to you. They also know from long experience that being free of worms makes for a happier, healthier animal and a hygienic family home too. Left untreated, worms can cause your pet discomfort and pain and they can also affect your family's health by spreading rapidly into the home. The good news is that minor healthcare issues like worms are very common and easily treatable with the Bob Martin Clear range of products.

Bob Martin 3 In 1 Flavoured Worming Tablets are clinically proven to be an effective treatment against all common intestinal worms found in the British Isles. This 4 tablet pack is suitable for all breeds of dogs (and puppies providing they are over 2 weeks old and 3kg in weight) when administered according to body weight up to 40kg, weigh your dog carefully before calculating the dose, give 1 Tablet per 10kg (22lbs) bodyweight.

Contains praziquantel, pyrentel embonate and febantel - the same active ingredients as Drontal.

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