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Bird Grit Pettex FINE Mixed Bird Grit 1.8kg for Pigeon, Poultry etc.

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Bird Grit Pettex Mixed Bird Grit 1.8kg for Pigeon, Poultry etc. Mixed Bird Grit Pettex Bird Grits contain all of the right graded ingredients to maintain good health, aid digestion and increase vitality in all types of birds, ingredients include;

Flint Grit - Insoluble and acts as a grinding agent in the gizzard to enable complete digestion.

Limestone Grit & Crushed Sea Shells - Soluble and have a high content of Calcium which is an essential element in the diet of all birds.

Charcoal - Included for sweetening of the crop.

Weighed up from a sack into clear bags. Shipped via royal mail

The purpose of bird grit is thought to help the bird grind up difficult to digest items. By grinding, it is thought that these food items become better utilized by the bird. The grit is mostly undigestible material. It will stay in the ventriculus, or gizzard, for months to years until it is passed in the stool.

The gizzard is the primary grinding organ. This muscular part of the digestive system attempts to grind up large particles, such as husks and shells. With the assistance of rocks or sand, the grinding becomes easy and more effective.

Weighed up into clear plastic bags from a larger Pettex sack

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Weight1899 g
Dimensions44 × 34 × 15 cm


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