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Beaphar Insecticidal Spray for Birds, 150ML Treats up to 50 Birds

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Beaphar Insecticidal Spray for Birds, for the control of common external parasites in cage & aviary birds.

Contains Permethrin.

Beaphar Insecticidal Bird Spray is a veterinary strength medicine containing permethrin to control common external parasites on birds. One bottle of Beaphar Insecticidal Bird Spray contains sufficient product to treat up to 50 birds.

Beaphar Insecticidal Bird Spray is easy-to-use and suitable for cage and aviary birds.

We recommend treating all birds in the cage or aviary at the same time, and treating the environment with a suitable insecticide.

Beaphar Insecticidal Spray for Birds Instructions

Wear gloves when applying. Only use in a well-ventilated room.

Small birds: 1–2 pumps
Large birds: 3–5 pumps

1. Shake the bottle well before use.
2. Hold your bird firmly. Start at the rear of the bird and work towards the head. Spray from a distance of 25–30 cm, taking care to avoid the head, non-feathered parts, eyes, nose, ears, beak and anus.
3. Spray against the natural lay of the feathers and spray the complete plumage.
4. For the treatment of the head areas application may be carried out by spraying onto a gloved hand or small towel and rubbing it over the feathers. All birds sharing a cage or aviary should be treated at the same time.

Ensure treated birds are allowed to dry in a well-ventilated room. Do not confine birds to an enclosed space or pet carrier until the feathers are fully dry. When treating small or young birds ensure they do not become cold while their feathers dry. Once treated, keep birds away from fires and other sources of heat until the feathers are fully dry.

After treatment, remove your bird's bath water as Beaphar Insecticidal Bird Spray will remain effective for up to two weeks providing your bird does not bathe. If you are trying to control red mites, it is important to treat the environment with an appropriate insecticide to avoid reinfestation.

If necessary, treatment can be repeated after 14 days.

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