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Barley Straw Pillow Wad Large 2KG for Small Animal, Rabbit etc


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Barley Straw Pillow Wad Large 2KG . Using our bespoke dust extractor and sieve the golden barley straw is un-chopped to ensure it reaches you in peak condition. Harvested and packed ourselves to ensure the highest quality

Super soft for burrowing fun, Pillow Wad Barley Straw is harvested here on the farm in the height of the summer for superior quality. Unchopped and packed with nutrition and dust- extracted for improved taste. Our straw is easily digestible to keep tiny teeth and tummies happy.

  • Unchopped and dust-extracted for a nutritious taste
  • Naturally the softest of all straw types.
  • Harvested on or near our farm with full traceability‚Ķwe can even show you which field it was cut from, from seed to feed.
  • Long straw strands full of nutrients to support dental health.
  • Super soft for burrowing.
  • Available all year round.

Barley Straw is a natural, unmolested by-product of freshly harvested barley crops and is recommended for small animals as it is softer than wheat or oat straw and makes lovely, cosy, warm bedding.

Ideal bedding for: rabbits; guinea pigs; hamsters; gerbils and other small pets. Hygienic; stays clean dry for longer. Bedding should be changed twice a week which should be enough to keep pets happy.

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Weight2500 g


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