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Animology Paws and Nose Balm 50ML for Dogs, Soothes Dry and Cracked Paws

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Animology Paws and Nose Balm 50ml, Soothes Dry & Cracked Paws.

A must in this cold weather to stop cracking and acts as a barrier for the feet when going on roads after the gritter with salt has been out! No more sore noses or feet

Paws & Nose by Animology is a complex blend of sweet almond oil, jojoba wax, shea butter, oat oil and vitamin E that moisturises and soothes a dog’s nose and paws. Sweet smelling and a delight to apply

Animology Paw & Nose is less solid than typical balms allowing it to be supplied in a tube which improves application and helps prevent dirty fingers contaminating the product.

  • Soothing
  • 100% Vegan
  • Moisturising

Additional information

Weight300 g
Dimensions44 × 34 × 15 cm


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