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Ancol Anti Anxiety Cat / XS Dog Bed Oatmeal Donut 50cm Super Plush.


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Ancol Oatmeal Donut Bed 50cm Super Plush. Recycled Filling . Recycled Filling Super soft donut shaped bed is designed to ensure relaxation and comfort, to reduce anxiety and stress.

The raised rim design in the bed creates a sense of security for your cat or XS dog, and helps them feel protected, they also help support the neck and spine while your Cat or XS dog sleeps, and helps reducing muscle and join pain.

  • APPROX. Size: Small (50x50cm)
  • Hand finished in Great Britain.
  • Ideal for Cats or XS Dogs
  • The Ancol Oatmeal Donut bed is filled using recycled fibre.
  • Hand wash or place bed in washing machine on a low temperature

Additional information

Weight899 g
Dimensions44 × 34 × 15 cm


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