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African Parrot Food Vitakraft 750G x 2 Bags. 1.5kg Complete Parrot Food


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Vitakraft African Parrot food not only guarantees all-round care for the birds; all the mixtures also contain selected, unprocessed ingredients from their region of origin.

The feed includes important vitamins, as well as all the other nutrients and nourishment that the birds need for a healthy life. Essential gizzard stones and high-quality beta-glucans supplement the formula.

  • Natural.
  • No added sugar.
  • No artificial flavourings.
  • No artificial colouring or preservatives.
  • Complete pet food for large African Parrots.
  • Best Before date September 2022

COMPOSITION: Cereals, Seeds, Fruits (dates, carob and figs), Vegetables and Minerals.

A nutritious mix of quality ingredients for African Parrots, Vitakraft African Parrot Food contains a special blend of seeds and fruits found within a parrot's natural habitat, in a healthy sugar-free recipe.

Promoting strong bones, digestion, and a healthy immune system, Vitakraft African Parrot Food provides complete nutrition and is free from artificial colours, flavours, and preservatives.

Poor nutrition is a common reason for many health problems. Bird owners should continually strive to improve their bird's diets.  Just like us, birds can survive on poor quality food; the goal, however, should be to help our birds thrive and flourish, not just survive. Like us, a bird's health depends a great deal on how well it is fed.

In the African tropics, grey parrots eat what their environment provides. They make use of vegetation, seeds, fruits, nuts, and insects, as well as berries.

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