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Rawhide Knuckle Bones Large 10 Inch x 5 Dog Treats / Chews


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Rawhide Knuckle Bones Large 10 Inch x 5 Dog Treats / Chews. Best Pets Brand.

A tasty rawhide treat to complement your dog's diet. The perfect rewards for your pet. If you're training your pooch you will need a delicious treat that he won't mind working hard for. Rawhide Knuckle Bones Large satisfies your dog's natural chewing instinct and helps improve its overall dental health. This chew bone made from pressed beef hide makes the perfect treat for your dog as a reward or training aid as well as helping to fight plaque and tartar. Your pooch will love the flavour of this bone and the act of chewing provides them with a stimulating activity!

Each bone weighs approx. 235g


Additional information

Weight1500 g
Dimensions44 × 34 × 15 cm



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