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Giant Cuttlefish Bone / Cuttle Fish x 1 for Large Parrots etc 10 Inch +


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Giant Cuttlefish Bone / Cuttle Fish for Large Parrots etc Giant size - 10 inch +

Classic Cuttlebones supply an essential calcium supplement and other trace minerals to a bird's diet; as well as providing exercise, stimulation and helping to prevent boredom; they are the best thing for maintaining beak and claws in tip top, sharp and trim condition.

For birds, the value of cuttlefish bone has several aspects. If your bird ingests some of it, they benefit from the calcium found in cuttlebone. In addition, the act of playing and nipping at a cuttlebone serves to polish a bird's beak and helps remove outer scaly layers. The extra calcium is also great for female birds who may be hormonal, as if they don't get enough Calcium they can become egg bound, which is a life threatening situation!

A true Classic from Classic Pet Products, this is really an essential for birds which has truly stood the test of time!

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