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Do Chew Stopping Sprays for Dogs Work?

Puppies and older dogs can often struggle with chewing, and you may find yourself coming home to your favourite pair of shoes chewed up, or some suspicious marks in your sofa. You might wonder ‘is there a spray to stop puppies from chewing’? The answer is yes! Alongside traditional training, there’s great ways to help encourage better habits in your dogs, and chew stopper sprays for dogs can really assist in training your puppy to stop chewing things they really shouldn’t.

A white and black dog chewing a yellow chew toy on the grass

How does Chew Stopping Spray work?

Chew deterrent sprays work by coating objects in an invisible residue that some dogs hate the taste of. Much like nail biting polishes for people, chew sprays can leave a nasty taste in your puppy’s mouth (both figuratively and literally!) to help deter your dog from chewing it again.

When you use a chew stopping spray, don’t be worried about leaving marks. Most sprays are good for use on most types of furniture and materials, but we recommend that you test it first on a small, inconspicuous area of the furniture or material to make sure.

High quality Johnson's Anti-chew Training Spray available from Wacky Pets
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Does it Work for all Dogs?

Like people, dogs can become accustomed to specific tastes. This is especially true for puppies! When training your dog to stop chewing household items and furniture, chew stopping spray may not work 100% of the time, so it’s important to use additional methods when training your dogs, too. Some dogs may even quite like the taste.

Chewing furniture can be a big problem for dog owners, and it’s a good idea to start training before your dog starts chewing up furniture. With the chew stopper spray, you may wish to put it on certain areas of your home that your dog may chew before they do – this works a bit better than reactionary training in most cases!

How To Stop my Puppy from Chewing?

If you’re looking to use other training methods in tandem with using a chew stopping spray, there’s plenty of ways to help your dog. The golden rule is to be attentive to your puppy – dogs can be curious about their surroundings and being attentive means that you can stop your dogs from chewing before they do damage. If you do catch your puppy chewing things, it’s a great idea to distract them, and then divert their attention elsewhere.

Another great idea to stop your dog from chewing the furniture is to make sure you offer appropriate toys! Always ensure you’re buying quality toys that are designed with the safety of your dog in mind (you can view some excellent dog toys available here), that are designed for your dog’s size and age. Rather than offering your dog an old pair of shoes to gnaw at, giving them some fun, durable toys is a great way to help encourage good behaviour.

Adorable brown puppy chewing a large stick in the forest

There are many ways to help encourage excellent behaviour in your dogs, and using a chew stopper spray is a wonderful way to train your dog. We advise using a quality, safe chew stopper spray such as Johnson's Anti-chew Training Spray alongside additional training methods, and always being sure your pup has a range of toys to play with, as well as getting enough exercise.

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