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Pet corrector sprays can be a wonderful addition to your training routine and can provide quick interruption if your pet is being naughty. Alongside traditional training methods as well as other training tools (such as crates, chew stopping spray, and new, appropriate toys), pet corrector sprays can be a handy part of your arsenal to help stop bad behaviour.

A young white dog playing on grass with toilet paper

What are Dog Behaviour Sprays For?

Training your pet can be done in many ways, and sprays to help correct poor behaviour can be useful in many instances. We recommend the sprays for helping to interrupt bouts of loud barking, prevent dogs from stealing food or items from around the house, and to help stop your dog from jumping up guests. Pet sprays can be great for all sorts of behavioural issues where interrupting the bad behaviour is the first step of training.

For pets who chew things around the home, behaviour sprays can also be beneficial – they provide you with the opportunity to interrupt your pet and follow up with some positive training. Wacky Pets also offers a wonderful chew stopping spray for dogs who struggle with chewing furniture, if you’d like to add additional training measures to your routine.

Do Pet Corrector Sprays Work?

Pet corrector sprays are a super simple tool to help you train your pet. For most pets, pet corrector sprays provide an immediate distraction from whatever mischief they’re getting up to, so you can intervene quickly.

For most people, using the sprays sparingly offer the best results – constant exposure to the spray can result in your pet becoming somewhat indifferent! We find that following up usage of the corrector spray with immediate training can also offer surprisingly good results without the need for lots of additional training methods.

Of course, not every training method will work for every pet! Correction sprays tend to work with most pets, due to how they work.

Are Pet Corrector Sprays Harmful?

Whilst some products could be harmful to your pet or your home, pet correction sprays offer a natural, harm-free training method. When you use a pet corrector spray, your pet will become distracted by the loud, sudden noise, which provides an opportunity for you to swoop in and correct any bad behaviour.

Sprays that are intended for use to correct bad behaviour do not contain harmful chemicals, they simply emit an inert gas that provides a ‘hissing’ sound loud enough to surprise your pet.

How to Use a Pet Correction Spray

Pet correction sprays can be used at home, with a pet of any age! Using them couldn’t be more simple. When you witness bad behaviour from your pet, quickly give one short burst of the spray into the room – remember to direct the can away from your dog as they only need to hear the noise, rather than be hit with the air.

Once you’ve successfully distracted your dog, we recommend immediately following up with some brief training, such as giving them a command (such as ‘quiet’) and then rewarding them. You can reward your pet with anything they enjoy, such as lots of praise, or a tasty treat (we have a range of excellent dog treats to help you with dog training!).

High quality pet corrector sprays available from Wacky Pets online

Choosing a Pet Correction Spray

There are plenty of correction sprays on the market, so it’s a good idea to make sure the one that you choose is safe for use. Wacky Pets offers a wonderful spray that comes with a built-in safety cap to offer more accurate activation.

Our spray is reliable and doesn’t require an additional safety lid, making it much quicker to interrupt any unwanted behaviours. If you choose to purchase your correction spray from Wacky Pets, you’ll need to give a firm press on the first use to break the safety seal – once this is done, the product will disperse as required.

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